Supermarket Physical Therapy?

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A new phenomenon is taking place in our local grocery store. Suddenly, young, old and in-between have taken to using grocery carts like walkers. It’s like watching giant physical therapy sessions, only the postures are slouchy and slumped and the feet drag like anchored with ball and chain.

I’m proud to say that when I do my shopping, I stand straight, tall, and pick my feet up shin-high. Now mind you, I am tall – very tall – and quite honestly, I couldn’t bend over and lean on a cart if you paid me. But even if I could, I wouldn’t because it looks – yucky! And more important, it’s just plain bad for you to walk around all hunched over.

Now some of you may think me an insensitive boob because there are people who NEED to lean. This is true, and to them, I say, ignore my rant. But for others, for God’s sake, stand tall (even if you’re not as tall as I), punch out that chest and lift those feet, at least as high as your ankles!!

On another grocery store note. The almost aisle-long mommy-kiddie baby bomber carts have found their way to the mothball fleet of shopping carts. (I wrote about these shortly after one of them about annihilated me when it came blasting around the corner.) This is true progress since we limping (not leaning!) Baby Boomers are no match for Gen-X, Millennials, (or whatever they are), who text away as they tear down the aisles with their weapons of mass destruction having no regard for life and limb of anyone in their way.

But, thanks to dear Wegmans: problem solved!WegmansNewLogo09-09-10[1]

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