I’m Mad As Hell and …

Have you seen the movie? Know the line? …”And I’m not going to take it anymore!!”

It’s too bad the Occupiers, as my significant other affectionately calls them, couldn’t get it more together with their plans to take back our economy and get the oh-so-evil- banks.

It’s not only the banks, though. It’s the media, the educational system, the government, corporate America, and all large enterprises that are in it for the G-word (guess what, it’s not God).


Fact:The gas price in my city has risen 25 cents in a month and a half!

Fact: Our local media touts the fact that we have now gained all the jobs we lost during the recession. What they don’t say is that most of these jobs are of the minimum wage variety.

Fact:The government announces monthly unemployment claim figures, which have been decreasing. What they don’t say is that so many people, especially those in the Baby Boom sector, have given up that they don’t bother to apply anymore.

Fact: Yes, I’m working. No, my salary is not going up. Yes, my salary has decreased by 30% because of budget cutbacks in the New York State educational system.

Fact: The still critical state of the economy has fallen off the media edge and into the abyss.

Out here in the trenches we’re doing our level-headed best to deal with a difficult situation. We’re constantly re-assessing, re-arranging, and re-assorting, and living a life that becomes simpler daily. Simple is good. This I don’t object to. But for God’s sake, (ours too), can we ever deal in truths and reality in this ever-dimming society? Will we always be trapped by complicated bureaucracies where so many give up before getting what they need? Can large companies always reap obscene profits at the expense of us simple folk?

Give up, who me?

What did you say the name of that lake was? Walden? And there’s a cute little cabin for rent?

I’ll be packed in five….

Author: madmuser

An author, a teacher, a candlestick maker? I am lucky enough to have followed my muse through a most eclectic life of many careers, many interests, and many friends and liasions. Two beautiful children, now grown and one their own, several books -- the penultimate accomplishment dream come true, a hores trainer, a college professor, and a stint in corporate America to validate my feelings that I never, ever want to go there again. So I donned my ruby slippers and dared to take those different paths, those diverging paths, and that has made all the difference! (Thank you, Robert!)

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