What Moisturizer Do You Use?

OlayI’ve never been one for makeup and fancy facial products. I mostly use drugstore brands with an occasional Clinique product – if I made eye contact with the saleswoman and guiltily responded to her beckoning finger–  or a Mary Kay something – if a co-worker’s daughter was throwing a party and I couldn’t think of an excuse not to go. Anyway, I was in the drugstore today looking for a moisturizing lotion for my face. You know, just a simple, but decent drugstore moisturizer with a bit more ‘oomph’ for, shall we say, a face with ‘character.’

Off I went for what I thought was going to be a quick errand. Into Rite Aid I marched and into the face-stuff aisle. Suddenly  I was assaulted with a daunting array of products with names like Complete All Day Moisturizer, Active Hydrating Beauty Fluid (fluid??), Age Defying Protective Renewal Lotion, Total Effects Anti-Aging Moisturizer and I had not a clue what they were for nor what I should pick!

Once upon a time, the choices were simple.  Now I guess cosmetic companies are capitalizing on us aging boomers, and I can’t blame them, really. I mean, making money is what it’s all about in our recovering(?) economy.  And the more complicated the products, the more job security for those who have to explain what’s what, right?

I bought my ‘old’ moisturizer only now I give myself double the dose.

A simple life is one of bliss.

Author: madmuser

A butcher, a baker, a candlestick maker, and a few things in between. And so that road less traveled has brought me here to follow my dream and my muse.

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