Shocking News About Baby Boomer’s Health

Article: Baby boomers not as healthy as previously believed.

MushroomCampbell soup casseroles for dinner, 3-martini lunches, smoking up a storm, recliner weekend exercise. Think of it – these things and MORE were the province of the generation which has been shown by this study to be healthier than we are: our parents!!  I mean seriously – we don’t drink, we run, swim, bike, skydive, and whatever exercise you can name, we eat ‘right,’ we take supplements, we meditate, we do yoga, well, you get the picture.

So what’s the magic bullet here? One generation is always quick to point the finger at another generation. But could it be we do too much? Could we be too neurotic, too obsessive, we watch too much Dr. Oz?

I like to think it was a kinder, gentler time while growing up. That, of course, is a bit skewed. But it was simpler – and that is not skewed. We didn’t worry about all the food, exercise, and drink things we worry about today. I used to love Campbell-soup based casseroles – I miss the whole crème-of brigade, especially that rich and yummy cream of mushroom soup . But today I wouldn’t even dream of cracking one of my old fashioned cookbooks where those cream-of recipes spill off the pages. Correction, up until today I wouldn’t dream of it but …

We are having a major storm outside and I am cozy and warm, surrounded by my fur-critters and family – all safe and sound as we watch the blizzard outside. And, I do believe I have a can of cream of mushroom soup in the cupboard, along with some noodles, frozen mixed veggies and even a can of tuna fish. I a bag of Nestle’s morsels for a batch of chocolate chip cookies, and I have a nice, fat bottle of red wine.

Parting thought (quote) “I wish life was a remote. Play the easy times. Pause the good times. Fast forward the bullshit. Rewind the memories.”    Unknown:

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