It’s All About Dogs

Take a look and read this article to for some astonishing facts about our most beloved canine companions.

And, it’s all about dominance, right? Wrong!

Trying to be “dominant” over your dog is not the best approach

“Despite enjoying considerable popularity for many years, the “dominance” theory of dog training is finally seeing the truth come out. “You should never try to dominate your dog,” Hartstein insists. The idea that you need to show your dog “who’s alpha,” with methods such as eating before your dog, making sure you’re always in a higher position than them, or punitive behavior, is outdated and ineffective.”

Of course, you need to set a routine and make sure your dog understands rules and boundaries, but avoid traditional advice about displays of dominance.

Does Your Dog Eat Poop?

With red face, I admit that my dog does indeed eat poop. However, I danced a jig when I discovered that poop-eating is not abnormal for dogs. I also learned that despite myriad and alleged fixes for this shall we say, disagreeable habit, the only real fix is to head out with a dog in rain, snow, sleet, etc., and pick up the little brown pile yourself.

And here’s why dog’s do eat poop. Read on…

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