Handlebars and Bikers

plain_bicycle_icon_largeAnd no, I am not talking mustaches. This summer I have noticed a phenomenon during my Canal Path biking cruises. What I have noticed almost without fail is that those of us who toot-toot along on our up-handle bar bikes smile, say hello, and are basically friendly. What I have noticed almost without fail is that those who careen along on their down handlebar bikes don’t smile, don’t nod, and ignore any friendly overtures.

I’ve been pondering this most of the summer, or at least while I’m riding along the Canal Path, wondering why the rude behavior among most of the down handlebars. Here are some other things I’ve noticed:

  • 99% wear very serious-looking helmets
  • 99% wear what appear to be official (expensive) biking togs
  • 99% cruise along quite quickly
  • 99% take up the whole path when they ride in pairs or groups and take their time getting out of the way of other (up-handlebar) bikers

On the other hand, besides a general friendly, open approach, here are some facts about the up handlebar folks.

  • 75% wear helmets
  • 75% wear plain jeans, shorts, and T-shirts
  • 75% huff and puff up hills and coast happily down hills
  • 75% quickly and generously get out of the way of passing or approaching bikers

I’m not sure what this all means except for a loose hypothesis that perhaps the down handlebars are ‘serious,’ competitive bikers who focus on one thing – winning whereas we “up” types seek to enjoy life, smell the roses and be in the moment. Notice the wording – “up” handlebars and “down” handlebars. Hmmm.

So, next time you’re out riding your bike, see if you can confirm my scientific observations or engage me in debate regardless of your handlebars.

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