WARNING: Walmart on the First of the Month

Yep — go to Walmart on the first of the month and your sanity will be at stake. I made the consummate mistake of going to Walmart yesterday on the first of July despite my profound disdain of the company and its practices. Why did I engage in such foolishness? I needed a few things and chose to avoid the massive construction project that blocked the way to my otherwise favorite and decidedly saner store. Here’s what I encountered:


  • One kid who screamed so loud and long that we all almost abandoned our carts and went screaming out of the store in chorus with the unyielding brat.
  • One majorly fat woman who yelled, yes YELLED at her grandkid who was down the other end of the aisle fingering fruit with dirty hands.
  • Traffic jams in the candy, beer, and fattening, salty snack aisle.
  • Women with overflowing carts in the “20 items or less” checkout lines — why doesn’t anyone tell these women to get out of these lines? Probably because they’re afraid of getting shot.
  • Surly, dour-faced employees who snap at customers who dare to ask them a question.

Okay — get the picture? I do rightly apologize for those fair and customer-minded employees — my checkout person was truly customer oriented. Likewise, I apologize to the customers who politely wheeled their carts, patiently waiting for traffic to clear, smiling kindly except for pain-provoked grimaces at the peak volume of screaming brat.

Moral of this story: avoid Walmart on the first of the month. CORRECTION — AVOID WALMART!!!!!

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